Hardwood's Chance

For those of you who don't know the story of Hardwood: My friend, Rayland, and I found him roaming Gallatin Rd on September 7. He wasn't neutered and he didn't have a collar. We made an attempt to find his owners while Rayland's sister, Brooke, kindly sponsored his visit to the vet for him to be neutered and vaccinated. No one claimed him (i'm not so sure he had recent owners because of his weight and some of his scars). After 2 weeks Rayland and I found him a home in Auburn, AL; it didn't work out. Our friend, Michael, made a great effort to adopt Hardwood as well but he was too much for Michael to handle.

Hardwood is a ninja. Houdini. He has severe separation anxiety and has proven that we cannot leave him. Not even in a zip tied (for reinforcement), master locked, metal crate. For the last month I have had to arrange someone to be with him basically all day, every day. So many of my friends have been incredibly helpful.

Hardwood is more eager to learn than any other dog i've ever been around. He looks to be a pointer/ "bully" mix. A lot of shelters won't take bullies because they aren't "adoptable" in the eyes of many people. East C.A.N. is maxed out and I am exhausted/ I have exhausted almost all options.

My fear for Hardwood is that without proper training and care for his anxiety that he will be a lost dog forever. Lost because he will be euthanized, hit by a car, or mistreated. Solution: Everyone involved has agreed that Hardwood needs professional training. He will start a 3 week boarding program with Bluegrass Canine Dog Training on Wednesday. We are asking for donations to fund Hardwood's chance. If you cannot donate then we ask that you please spread the word. Hardwood promises to shake the hand of anyone that helps give him another shot.

UPDATE: Hardwood has completed his 3 weeks at Bluegrass Canine Dog Training. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR DONATIONS! The trainer and I have both agreed that 2 more weeks of advanced off-leash training will be very beneficial for Hardwood and for his new owners (whoever they may be). I've been out to the farm to visit him for training lessons a few times. He is doing so well! Hardwood has mastered his loose-lead walk on a leash (heel), sit and stay! His greetings are much more respectful. He's really getting the hang of it all. His crate training is also going very well and his social skills with people and dogs are fantastic. Hardwood will be ready for a home in no time! I pick him up from "boarding school" on November 13. I am hoping to have a permanent home for him by then OR a new foster home. I do not have a fenced in yard or a large enough house to foster Hardwood any longer (I have two giant dogs of my own)! Also, I am still accepting donations for Hardwood's schooling. His trainer is graciously allowing me to set up a payment plan but my balance is $490. If you can be of any help in any way PLEASE let me know. I couldn't have done any of this without your help or the help of East C.A.N.

Thank you,